Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Angry Five Year-old

Angry five year-old: "I'm going to throw away all of the things I made for you my whole life, because I'm very mad at you."
Mama: "Then I will get them out of the garbage, because I love you even when you're very mad at me."
AFYO: "Then I'll put them in the big garbage outside so you can't get them."
Mama: "Then I'll climb around in the big garbage outside to get them."
AFYO: "Then I'll rip them into little pieces."
Mama: "Then I'll tape all the little pieces together."
(long pause)
AFYO: "I'm going to do something REALLY terrible! I'll throw ALL your clothes away!"
Eavesdropping husband: "Please, make sure you get those awful velour sweatpants she wears around the house."